onsdag den 21. november 2007

Warren had always blended in well with the people
coming at the 'Wet Lips Café'.

One of the more joyful photographs
of Mr.Steinfeather!

Manuél Mañastacada is the maracas player in the Mexican
band I am working on.

fredag den 16. november 2007

Post test sheet for the hairdresser.

torsdag den 15. november 2007


This is the first inspirational sketch I made
for a small piece of upcoming animation I am
about to do.

Another Colormodel for the indian scout.

First finished colorized version of the indian

Thought I'd post my rough workprocess of the

indian scout.

onsdag den 14. november 2007

A Gunman, ready to draw!

The battle of Jumping Creak
Wasnt won easily...
After hours of ferocious dueling,
one proud indian stands left,
with his tomahawks bathed
in the blood of both friend
and foe!

mandag den 12. november 2007

Old Graham writing yet another novel of his...

Old Indian woman in her puncho!