tirsdag den 30. juni 2009

Summer 'break' is up!

I've been fairly busy the last few months and haven't taken the time to write on my blog. Now's a good time though.
All my work on the various bachelor projects is done and third year on The Animation Workshop has come to an end. Instead of a quiet summer holiday in the sun I am going to spend my time working on a very exciting short film project!
You can check out some shots from the miniature sets here : www.blog.machinefilm.com
Two months of high quality CG animation should do me some good, I think. A few days after I finish on the production of Machine, the short film, I am going to Kilkenny, Ireland, to do my internship at Cartoon Saloon. I am very excited about both the opportunities I have been given during the rest of this year and I am sure I will have some interesting stories to tell on this blog from my experiences.
Also check out www.cartoonsaloon.ie

Stay tuned for more posts!