fredag den 27. februar 2009

Escape of the Gingerbread Man

I just had the great honor of animating a small scene for our pre-production supervisor, Tod Polsons. It is for his upcoming short film 'Escape of the Gingerbreadman'.
The animation is done and I will post it when Tod feels that the time is right to start showing clips from the film.
The scene is still to undergo a few changes color-wise and a few things will happen in composite as well. I wanted to show the same still-frame from the scene in and without color. I am still amazed how powerful an effect the colors are to animated characters. The shape, form and volume are so clearly defined all of a sudden. Of course it is there in the line work as well, but when it gets mass it really changes.

Here's a link to 'Escape of the Gingerbreadman' :

Thanks Tod for letting me help out.

onsdag den 11. februar 2009

Hairdresser scene at its end

This is where I will leave this scene. I'll try and get it critiqued from some of the teachers I've had during the past years and hopefully get some good feedback.
The scene served its purpose very well and I feel a level of animation that is to my satisfaction..for now!
Next up is some illustration work for a classmates bachelor film. I will also be doing a scene for Tod Polsons short film *Escape of the gingerbread man* sometime soon. So some exciting assignments ahead.
Please feel free to leave a comment with critique or praise here on the blog. Until next post...

A Walk a day: Longlegged Man

So, second walk complete. I didnt want to copy/paste anymore so he only makes it half-way to the other side.
The character walk and design comes from a sketch I did this weekend. (See sketch-page in post further down the blog)

tirsdag den 10. februar 2009

A Walk a day: Hatman

My hairdresser dialogue scene is almost done. It's been an entensive assignment and I felt that I this week needed something to diverte my attention. The Hairdresser scene will work as a step between the technical aspects of animation and a more performance minded way for me to approach a scene. Therefor I want to do a walk every day this week. This will leave me with nearly no time to plan or get caught up in too technical matters. It's straight-ahead and about extracting a character in a simple and clear manner. I did this one yeasterday and I have almost finished the one for today. It's work very well for me at the moment to have something more loose to take on when I need a break from the heavy dialogue scene. Hope you enjoy the walk.

mandag den 9. februar 2009

Train-trip Sketching

I was trapped in a train for two times three and a half hour this weekend. I decided to let some of the impressions made on the way get to me. All these sketches represent the people I met and observed. Yes indeed, it was a peculiar journey!