onsdag den 1. juni 2011

Ambitions - Part 1 - The Teaser to Insight!

After a few months of internal debate, a journey to Estonia and extensive field testing, I finally feel ready to share my thoughts on ambitions.

Ambitions play a core part of the work I do and my thoughts circle around the subject a lot. About a month ago I started to boil down my thoughts on how I work with ambitions to its essence. The outcome is the equation depicted below:
I will leave this open for you to think about. Don't despair though, part 2 is already in its making!

mandag den 28. marts 2011

Change of events.

We're at the moment configuring our public profile as Nørlum and this takes a bit of back and forth.
The back and forth in the situation I'll explain about now is this: We wanted to streamline any information from us through our company website. This meant that this blog would go inactive and all future posts would be posted and read at the company blog. We've had some discussions about it and have decided to keep on blogging through blogspot. We'll have a newsfeed on our website referring to any activity on either of our blogs.
We'll create a blog for each project we find to have valuable thoughts to share within. I'll list the company blogs in the side of this blog should people wish to have a look.

This blog will remain my personal place to think out loud about animation and anything related. I just had a look at the stats for this blog and realized that people are actually stopping by still! It's been a long slumber, but as I stated in the post below, I am ready to take it up again and share my experiences and thoughts with those of you stopping by.

You, as a reader, have the opportunity to influence the discussions I hope to get going in here. Don't be shy to ask me to talk about a certain subject or issue, or critique or comment some of your work.

I hope to see you all keep stopping by. I am at the moment finishing up an application for our project DREAM. I'll hand that in this Thursday and then I'll launch this blog again with an interesting post. The subject must for now remain super confidential.

Best of thoughts and thank you for reading.

lørdag den 19. marts 2011


I co-founded the content producing animation company NØRLUM in the beginning of 2010. I am the CEO, Creative Producer of the company and in the past year of running the studio with Jeanette Nørgaard, I have gained a lot of experience that I would like to share.

I will beging blogging again, sharing my thoughts on animation and company related matters that I find interesting. I will do so at our company blog: NØRLUM NEWS

Check out our website here: NØRLUM that can also lead you to the blog. I hope to see you stop by! Best of thoughts. Frederik.