fredag den 16. oktober 2009

Another scene in the bag!

Above clip is copyright property of Cartoon Saloon

(Text incoming)

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Magnus Møller sagde ...

Hi balla,

Good to know you are a human being!! I started to get a bit worried, phewh :)

Nice lookin scene there! Still music video? Are you good honey?

Frederik Villumsen sagde ...

Heysan Muller! Good to see you still roaming these parts of the blog!

I found out some months ago that I am in fact human yes! I got the test result back from the lab in Venezuela and they were almost certainly positive.

The scene here is for a short film with old Irish folk music yes. I'll actually upload the clip with the sound on I think, forgot last time. It's about a big breasted young woman who marries an old man who has got a lot of gold! She is simply waiting for him to die, but things don't go exactly as she plans!

Right now it's actually only Louise and myself animating on this short so we just pick all the scenes out that we want to do! Quite luxurious! Life here is really easy going and it's a pleasure to come in every day and get to animate all these small scenes. I even have some time and energy after hours to work on my own stuff, which I'll be posting some of later today! So stay tuned and keep giving me your hard critique!