fredag den 23. oktober 2009

Running Indian: Thumbnails

Some time ago I did a drawing of an indian man. I, along with my mother, thought that this was a very successful drawing and I really wanted to take the character further and use him for some animation. The drawing can be seen further down the page.
At first the idea was to do a close up scene with him using the drawing as a keyframe to get started. However, the God of Doodles had another plan! While doing a playblast of a scene for Cartoon Saloon I started to sketch him in a full-out run. The sketch had a good raw energy to it (first one was the one down in the right corner) and I kept on going almost keying out the poses for the run.
I did the sheet in about half an hour, threw down a few notes, scanned them in and started working them over in TV-Paint adjusting them for animation.
I love the feeling of being on a roll putting every line down in just the right manner. (Not every line maybe...look to the lower left corner) Feeling the flow of what the drawings would be like in motion.
when I sketched these out I tried to have in mind all the time how to take it further than a simple generic run. How to add an interest to every sketch, while still having it compliment the previous ones. When every sketch is strong enough on its own to show what's going on, then the foundation for an appealing animation is laid out.
Going into the first pass on the animation the drawings will have to be adjusted to unfold an overall pleasing flow playing out the motion intended. This can be a very hard compromise, I think. Maintaining the uniqueness and strength of the sketch while toning it down to be a part of the continuity is a delicate process. In the end it should only make the scene better, so the compromise should be to strengthen the animation without taking too much away from the single frames.
Next post I'll show how I am trying to get through this process safely with strong drawings together making a strong animation.
As always I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter, so please don't hesitate to leave a comment, thanks.

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Chan Ghee Leow sagde ...

Hey Frederik. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your posts here. You've got some really strong animation work. I'm going to take my time checking out the rest of your posts.

Frederik Villumsen sagde ...

Hey Chan, and thanks to you for stopping by mine!
I hope you'll find it an interesting brows through the blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts and give input or ask questions. I am always very interested in hearing about different approaches and ways of appreciating and working with animation.

Christoffer Andersen sagde ...

Wow Frederik. These are super cool!
I really love the contact sketch in the lower right corner. The one looking back - awesome pose with lots of energy.

Great work indeed!

Frederik Villumsen sagde ...

Thanks Christoffer, good to hear you like it.
Yeah especially that pose got me going. It was the first one I did and the one that made me decide on actually animating the run.

I'll post the first pass on the animation and how I take it from thumbnail to first pass when I get the time.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're having a great time back in Viborg!