mandag den 10. november 2008

Bachelor Year starting

After two years of lectures, scribling and animating, it is now time for me to start my last year at The Animation Workshop. In this last year at the school students are to do a bachelor project. This usually means participating in a group and with that group creating a short animated film. I have however chosen not to be a part of any group and instead focus my entire year on animation. I want to explore as many of my questions about the media as I can manage this year and get to a point where I feel more comfortable with my skills as an animator. The goal is to create the strongest portfolio I can in this timeframe.

It wasnt an easy choice, but I am certain that it was the right one for me. I will start my first scene today, planning, sketching ideas, getting into the character, thumbnailing etc.
In some months time, when my classmates are through their preproduction stage, I will be animating for three of the groups. One of them in stop-motion, one in part 2D part 3D and the third one oldstyle 2D. So ! busy year ahead. And a year that I am planning to share as well as I can with anyone who wants to read in and look at what I am doing.

Hope you'll enjoy it and don't be shy to comment!


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