onsdag den 12. november 2008

So this will be the layout. Layouts are by no means my strong side, but this will do for what I need. I wanted the place to seem like a quiet and comfortable everyday coffee shop. I put the sketch of the characters in to get an idea of the size I think fits the composition.

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Anonym sagde ...

I would move the black board in the background. Just a bit to the screen right for more space between the black board and the window.
With the waitress standing where she does there is a lot of tensions going on around the back of her head and neck - which is probably not where you want the eye of the viewer to go.
When animated I think theese tensions will seem even more disturbing.
But cozy it seems, this cafe!

Anonym sagde ...

When looking again. Just move the waitress to the right, so she covers the gab between the window and the blackboard when standing still.
I think it would be nice with a little more space to pose the characters on anyway.