tirsdag den 18. november 2008

I finally got the Golden Poses (storytelling Keys) in the scene as I wanted them. There will still be some tweeking to maintain volume and design, but this is a solid base, I feel. I have tried to create as much space as possible bewteen the poses, while keeping it in the subtle end of the scale that is, to be be able to really make the breakdown have a say and also to put emphasis on the changes in the poses. I have been and will be looking at a lot of Fred Moore (posing especially) and Milt Kahl (animation) for this scene.
One of the mainpoints with this exercise is to explore the breakdown as much as possible and get a better understanding of its function in a string of pictures. How to make that breakdown stand out and define character. I am going to do three to four diferent breakdowns for each set of keys and hopefully it will pay off in some cool resuslts.
So, with a bit of time spend on nailing the last few keys with a black line I should be ready to start doing loads of breakdowns.

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Marie Thorhauge sagde ...

damn cool character! Multiple thumbs up! :-D can't wait to see him in motion!