torsdag den 15. januar 2009

Assignment 3 : Dialogue

Soundsclip :

Walk is done and I am moving on to my next assignment.
Follow the link above and listen to the piece of dialogue I have chosen to animate my hairdresser to. It is from the movie 'A Mighty Wind' and it suits the way I want to use the assignment very well.

I will focus on the following : Eye animation, working in a pose, pushing the emotional aspect and thorough planning pose and timing wise. This should give me plenty to get into.

The rest of the day I am going to thumbnail alot more. Last night I did my first pass on the dialogue. I wrote it down after I had listened to the track for about 45mins. While I was listening to it, I sketched ideas as well as acted it out in diferent ways to get a sense of which motions felt right for the character as well as the dialogue. I'll post the work sheet above.

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