fredag den 9. januar 2009

Arms Pass

First pass on the arms and I think it turned out well. I had a little trouble with the arc and also the spacing of his left arm and wrist and had to uneven the left arm cycle in comparison to the right. Meaning that the up poses are not identital (reversed angle though) anymore. The reason why I chose to do this, is that I needed the room to actually ease his hand and arm in to the extreme pose.

Next step will be to put the design of the arms on top of this skeleton and get into the overlapping of the sleeves and successive breaking of his joints. This will hopefully be done today so that I will have tomorrow to put on his face, give him a butterfly, a scissor in his belt, add some flimsy chest cloth and finally do the cloth covering his hip and upper thies!! Busy day tomorrow it would seem.

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