lørdag den 10. januar 2009

I decided only to touch the hands and animate them as mere shapes, so that I could spend more time animating than drawing. If there will be a clean-up phase for this one, then that's where the hands will get their pretty look.

I want to show my aproach to getting the last important things onto this walk. He has a dificult face design so I made the choice to break it up into passes. As you will see in the clip above.

I started layering in the ears, then the back of his head, meaning the hair, I then placed the jaw on the skull, placed his eyes, then face and finally the ponytail. All this, to maintain the overview of what I was doing and especially to make sure that the tightness of my construction didn't fell apart. The final pass was putting on the pretty stuff on his clothes. There are still a few things missing, such as his butterflly and some flimsy cloth on his chest. It will add some to the walk, but for now I feel I need to move on.

I am fairly satisfied with where this ends and I am thinking about doing a clean-up pass on it and maybe even colouring it for an all finished look. It takes time though and next week is dialogue!, but who knows, maybe there'll pop some time up a week-end ahead.

Link to Hi-res version : http://www.vimeo.com/2812789

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Susanne Bækby Olesen sagde ...

Det ser dælme nice ud frederik!
Både din store opgave fra før jul og din character walk. Et drømmestudie i vidunderlighed!

Israel sagde ...


(here's the address: http://israelosreel.blogspot.com)