onsdag den 11. februar 2009

Hairdresser scene at its end

This is where I will leave this scene. I'll try and get it critiqued from some of the teachers I've had during the past years and hopefully get some good feedback.
The scene served its purpose very well and I feel a level of animation that is to my satisfaction..for now!
Next up is some illustration work for a classmates bachelor film. I will also be doing a scene for Tod Polsons short film *Escape of the gingerbread man* sometime soon. So some exciting assignments ahead.
Please feel free to leave a comment with critique or praise here on the blog. Until next post...

3 kommentarer:

Benjamin Nielsen sagde ...

fed fed. måske hælder han lidt for pludeseligt, jeg måtte se den flere gsnge for at nyde den animation du havde lavet med håret og vandet. Måske hvis bare du anticiperede det lidt, du ved ikke noget "broard" efter som det også er en secondær handling. Men noget der gjorde at jeg ikke føler at jeg overså handlingen efter jeg opfattede at den var igang. Det var det eneste jeg bed mærke i, resten virker forrygende. Super god feeling du har fået i, og rytme for den sags skyld

Frederik sagde ...

What Benjamin is talking about is the beginning of the scene. I can only agree that if it was a scene for a film it would need some more time at the start. Both to anticipate the pouring, but also to let the viewer establish an idea of what he/she is looking at before going in to any action. I doubt that I will get back to this scene again, but there are several issues that I would like to give another take. Thanks for the critique and the praise man, apreciated.

Christoffer Andersen sagde ...

Hey Frederik.
It's really cool to see him in motion.
We've studied him a bit at the lecture on character design you gave, so it almost feels like we know him a bit ;)
I may not be in a position to give any critique, since you obviously knows a lot more about this than I do, but I think the hip area is a bit too static.
At least wheen he reaches back to the table, I'd try to get a bit of movement in the hips. Not a lot, just a small one, move the weight a bit, and not just the upper body.
But it looks sweet. Keep up the good work. You've got some awesome stuff going on here on this blog :)