onsdag den 11. februar 2009

A Walk a day: Longlegged Man

So, second walk complete. I didnt want to copy/paste anymore so he only makes it half-way to the other side.
The character walk and design comes from a sketch I did this weekend. (See sketch-page in post further down the blog)

2 kommentarer:

Benjamin Nielsen sagde ...

du skal næsten lave den færdig, det ku være fedt hvis du havde rigtig mange karakter gående over den samme bro. Eller du lave et optogs pan. Den er ihvertfald sjov denne walk

Frederik sagde ...

Ah so nice to have someone commenting! Yeah it would be great to get him all the way across, and I will do it. Just got bored with copy/pasting the guy loads of times. The idea is actually to have a small story/poem narrated over these animations. It will be about the bridge and that's prety much as far as the idea is at the moment. But yeah, hopefully I will have a lot of walks to put in there in a month or two. Thanks for the comment amigo.