fredag den 27. februar 2009

Escape of the Gingerbread Man

I just had the great honor of animating a small scene for our pre-production supervisor, Tod Polsons. It is for his upcoming short film 'Escape of the Gingerbreadman'.
The animation is done and I will post it when Tod feels that the time is right to start showing clips from the film.
The scene is still to undergo a few changes color-wise and a few things will happen in composite as well. I wanted to show the same still-frame from the scene in and without color. I am still amazed how powerful an effect the colors are to animated characters. The shape, form and volume are so clearly defined all of a sudden. Of course it is there in the line work as well, but when it gets mass it really changes.

Here's a link to 'Escape of the Gingerbreadman' :

Thanks Tod for letting me help out.

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