fredag den 4. september 2009

Character Concept development

I was asked to help design the characters for Paw Ravns graduation film. Paw is a student at The National Danish Film School studying to become a director for animation. I worked on and partially did the character designs for Paws mid-way film 'Nima' and I hope we can achieve something similar in quality this time.
I think it could be interesting to show every step of the way from the first rough ideas to the final designs that have to be done for the end of October. So here are the first sketches I have done for the character work. I did them all in the breaks I had yesterday while waiting to get some work approved for Cartoon Saloon.


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Christoffer Andersen sagde ...

Hey Frederik.
So cool you came to Cartoon Saloon :)
Best of luck over there.

Your designs looks very cool.
I especially loves the old man with the beard (blue) and the man on the red background! They are spot on.

I'm right now designing an old man as well, so they are great inspiration.

Take care and have fun

Frederik Villumsen sagde ...

Hey Christopher, thanks for commenting man. Yeah I really like the the old bearded guy as well, maybe not the middle drawing, but that can always change for the better.

How are you finding The Animation Workshop!? I hope you like your new class and that the teachers are giving you the help and challenges needed for improvement.

The character sketches in the post are my first take on the designs. I will soon receive some concept drawings of the characters and will then have a foundation to build upon. I will post every step of the process and hopefully it will be interesting to follow.

Thanks for commenting man, appreciate it.

Christoffer Andersen sagde ...

Hey :)

I'm looking foreward to follow the design process!

It's amazing finally to be on a school only focusing on my hobby :D It feels great!
We've already had amazing teachers and plenty of challenges indeed ;)

As my animation background is limited to cg, it's kinda frustrating to start on 2d. It feels a bit rigid and hard to make changes, but I guess it's just a matter of time :)
But it's cool to finally get the information served, instead of chasing it myself :P

-And the environment is fantastic, but you know all about that ;)

How are things in Ireland?
It seems like a really cool place, Cartoon Saloon.

Cheers :)

Frederik Villumsen sagde ...

Sounds great Christopher. Yeah the school is great, but don't stop chasing the knowledge yourself just because it is closer though.

Just keep your 2d animation loose, sketchy and rough until you catch on better with the whole drawing aspect. Focus on animating and you'll do great.

I'm glad that you are looking forward o follow the design process, makes me keep on blogging. I will receive the first concept sketches from the visual developer on the project hopefully later today. Then I will have something to build upon other than my own take on the characters which will be nice.

Ireland and the Saloon are just great. Got to do the animation for the chorus for the musicvideo they are just finishing. Posted the process and the animation in the post two up.
On Monday the production of a new musicvideo will begin and it seems like I will be animating full time on that one, which is just awesome to get to do.
I'll of course keep updating the blog with the things I do and give as many inside hints and good advice as I can. Else please just ask anything.
Also, do what you can to get your classmates blogging, checking blogs and searching for knowledge. It makes a big difference in how fast you learn.

Christoffer Andersen sagde ...

Hey Frederik.
I'm glad you like it at the saloon :) and sounds great you get to do a lot of animation.

I try and keep up with blogs, podcasts, communities and what not, as much as time allows, but it's not a lot atm.

About the blogging thing, I think we're trying to establish a link list, with all our favourite artists and such. I think that could be great! :)


Ying-Hsuan (Jennifer) Chen sagde ...

i absolutely love these!

Frederik Villumsen sagde ...

Thank you Ying-Hsuan! It's been quite a while since I did them, but it was nice to revisit them after seeing your comment.
I had a look over at your blog as well, beautiful artwork. Especially impressed with your pencil figure drawings.
I'll be sure to keep stopping by as you post!
Thanks again.