tirsdag den 29. september 2009

New found love for drawing and Photoshop

I did a quick sketch of an indian yesterday and had a strong urge to color it, so I did! I am currently planning the animation I want to do with this shot and I am looking very much forward to see these colors in motion.
I have never really done much in color, but I am starting to get a glimpse of the incredible possibilities this aspect of the media holds in store. What I find particularly interesting and what I will try and explore with this scene, is first off how the shadow layers on the basecolor can be used to define and enhance both depth and form and second how textures, here the markings on his face and body, can add another dimension of detail and believability of form.

Below the finished picture is a breakdown of my process. It goes from the rough sketch and step by step, simplified a little, to the end result.


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Anonym sagde ...

Hej Frederik

Kan ikke lade være med at kommentere denne flotte tegning!
Jeg synes at den er fantastisk smuk at se på. Farver og 'stil' går op i en højere enhed!!!
Hilsen mor.

Frederik Villumsen sagde ...

Nu kommer jeg jo fra en familie hvor farver og stil gaar op i en hoejere enhed, saa den laa lige til hoejrebenet!
Glad for, at du kan lide den. Der kommer snart noget mere med samme figur og saa endda animeret!

Marie Thorhauge sagde ...


Frederik Villumsen sagde ...

I knew you had weird standards for grading drawings Marie...but -D as a grade kinda disappointed me I must say! I will do my outmost to push it up to maybe a +B, or even a straight A should your harsh critique allow it!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Alessandra Sorrentino sagde ...

Hi Frederik, thanks for stopping by my blog :)
I love this drawing!
Enjoy your internship at Cartoon Saloon and please say hi to everyone!

Frederik Villumsen sagde ...

Thanks for the kind comment Alessandra, really appreciate it.
I am enjoying my stay here at the Saloon very much and will be sure to pass on a hearty hello to them all.

Mountainrose sagde ...

Hello. to me, your native American indian looks more like he's from Asia than the Northern American area. Braids, yes.. Hair up in a club, no. He needs more red undertones as well.